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Dear Risk Professionals,

alex daliUnderstand how ISO 31000 is changing the global risk management community.  Learn how to embed the standard into your risk management program and explore the latest developments in risk management and management systems for standards.

G31000 is proud to present the programme of the fourth international conference on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard, offering the highest quality educational and networking experien ce available for risk professionals.

The rise of the ISO 31000 risk management standard worldwide is changing the risk management land scape beyond compliance towards improved performance and better decision-making.

Adopted in more than 64 countries as the national risk management standard and translated in at least 23 languages, ISO 31000 is now internationally recognized as guidance for managing any type of risk, for any organisation not specific to any industry or sector.

This conference brings together some of the most successful, resourceful and innovative risk professionals using ISO 31000.  During working and educational sessions, you will be given the opportunity to meet and learn from experts in ISO 31000, risk managers, CEOs, CFOs and officers.

Given the high demand for training and certification on ISO 31000, we also give you the change to attend post conference master classes and offer you the opportunity to be trained by the world’s leading experts in ISO 31000.

We look forward to welcoming you to South Africa’s Mother City, Cape Town!

Yours sincerely,

Alex Dali, MBA, ARM


Global Institute for Risk Management Standards – G31000

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Benefits of ISO 31000

Main advantages for an organisation to adopt the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard:

  • ISO 31000 provides a single global reference for stakeholders in an organisation which has a risk management program
  • ISO 31000 provides an independent document for any financial or non-financial organisations... READ MORE

Who Should Attend?

  • Directors, executive managers and line managers across all organisations, public and private, large and small.  It is a must for any Director or manager who wants to manage risk as part of the effective corporate governance.
  • Auditors, risk managers, Chief Risk Officers, Governance & compliance practitioners who provide advice on the management of risk either in-house or as consultants... READ MORE

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